InvestX Congress 2015


InvestX Congress returned with a bang in 2015 as over 500 people joined us last Saturday, 17 Oct, at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre to come together and learn how to make more profitable investment decisions and become better investors.

Rusmin Ang - InvestX Congress 2015

The sold-out event kick-started at 9AM with Rusmin Ang, co-founder of The Fifth Person, as he talked about how to invest in dividend-growth stocks and how to generate stable & growing dividends from your investments year after year.

Rusmin Ang - InvestX Congress 2015 - Surrounded by Attendees

Rusmin must have done a fantastic job as he was literally swamped (ambushed!) with attendees who continued to ask him questions and sought his views during the break.

Aw Choon Hui - InvestX Congress 2015

The next speaker was Aw Choon Hui – Deputy CEO of GYC Financial Advisory, one of Singapore’s leading wealth managers since 1998. He shared how investors need to create a portfolio suited for their individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. He then explained how a well-diversified portfolio allows an investor to minimize their risk and net exceptional returns at the same time.

Victor Chng - InvestX Congress 2015

He was then followed after lunch by Rusmin’s partner and co-founder of The Fifth Person, Victor Chng, who talked about how to boost your portfolio returns by investing in value-growth stocks. He backed his presentation with real-life investment ideas and full-blown analyses on two value-growth stocks which are on his watchlist and portfolio currently.

Tay Jun Hao - InvestX Congress 2015

The last speaker for the day was Tay Jun Hao – founder & editor of The Asia Report and 2013 Orbis Stock Picking Challange champion. Jun Hao manages a multimillion dollar private investment fund for his family and focuses on deep-value investing. He shared why he prefers investing in deep-value stocks and how he goes about finding bargains in the stock market.

AK71 - Panel - InvestX Congress 2015

The final segment for the day was the panel as we welcomed AK71, the masked blogger behind A Singaporean Stock Market Investor, who makes a six-figure passive income from his dividends a year.

The panellists shared their insights into how they looked for great investment ideas, the particular stocks they are looking at and some of their biggest mistakes they made as an investor. The panel also took questions from the floor as the audience sought answers to any burning questions they had about investing.

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On behalf on all our partners – GYC, The Asia Report, Lim & Tan Securities, City Index and Wiley Inc – and to all 500 of you who gave us your precious time and chose to invest one full day together with us: Thank you all for making InvestX Congress 2015 an awesome success!

We couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

The Fifth Person

Photo Highlights from InvestX Congress 2015

InvestX Congress 2015 - 01

500 seats in the room at the start of the day.

InvestX Congress 2015 - 02

Audience queueing up to enter the room in the morning.

InvestX Congress 2015 - 03

Intelligent book browsers at InvestX Congress 2015!

InvestX Congress 2015 - 04

Getting the crowd ready in the morning

InvestX Congress 2015 - 05

Photo of four handsome young men (ahem!)

InvestX Congress 2015 - 06

Beautiful smiles at the congress 🙂

InvestX Congress 2015 - 07

Thanks for joining us at InvestX!

InvestX Congress 2015 - 08

Happy faces in the audience 🙂

InvestX Congress 2015 - 09

Photo of two handsome middle-aged men now (ahem!)

InvestX Congress 2015 - 10

Probably sharing a dry British joke between the both of them here…

InvestX Congress 2015 - 11

An HD 32-inch Samsung SmartTV for our first prize in our lucky draw!

InvestX Congress 2015 - 12

Getting ready for the panel.

InvestX Congress 2015 - 14

Posing together after the panel with the invisible man.

InvestX Congress 2015 - 15

AK71 and groupies. Popular!

InvestX Congress 2015 - 16

Fun shot before we call it a day!

The Fifth Person

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