(​​​Uncovering Multi-Baggers​)

The Simple Way To Success:
Make A Plan And Stick To It

If you think about it,​ there are really only three things we need in order to be make money (lots of) from the stock market.​

1) ​​Finding The Best Possible ​Company To Grow You Wealth (Safe, Sustainable and Have A Long Run Way)​

​Finding the best companies out there will put you at the advantage ​to grow your wealth.​ Think about this, as an investor in the company, you are essentially ​a 'part' owner of the company. ​When the company profit grows, so does your money inside the company. If the company have a long runway, then obviously, your wealth will compound along with the runway the company has.  

The next step is ...

2) ​​​Buying Them At The Right ​Price

As you'll see in th​is ​video, getting the ​company at the right price is absolutely critical. ​It not only reduces your risk by protecting your downside (So that you don't lose money even if the company had a bad performing year or it's share price drops), it also gives you more capital gains when the share price appreciates. As long as you know what is the intrinsic value of the stock, you will then know when to buy / sell the stock. ​ ​

3) ​​​Rinse & Repeat

​​Once you know the exact formula, you can then systematically rinse and repeat the steps to find more companies to add to your portfolio. ​As you add more companies into your portfolio, you are actually growing your pool of 'part ownership' with these ​companies and as the years grow by, see your portfolio balloon into a ery profitable one.​

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