Besides having a vision to help people become better investors to achieve financial freedom and security, The Fifth Person also has a goal to build a charitable foundation that will contribute to society for many years to come.

Yes, we’re a full-fledged business and need to turn a profit and make a living like everyone else, but we also believe that a portion of all our business profit should go to charity and philanthropic causes (and it does!). Of this portion, a certain percentage is donated directly and the rest is invested in a charitable fund that generates recurring dividend income for donations down the road.

We call it Dividends for Donations. 🙂

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The plan is quite simply… the bigger we grow our business, the more we can contribute to society and grow our charitable foundation. And the bigger we grow our foundation, the more people we can help everywhere around the world.

We mention this not to toot our own horn, but to hopefully inspire YOU, our fans and readers, that everyone can play their part, big or small, in helping the less fortunate in our society. Even if you spend just $2 to buy three packets of tissue from the kid with cerebral palsy in Orchard Road, that means something! 🙂

These are the charities and initiatives we’ve donated to over the years:

  • Village Impact
  • Singapore Children’s Society
  • Singapore Cancer Society
  • Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
  • MILK Fund
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Society Of Sheng Hong Welfare Services
  • Casa Raudha Women Home
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • SGX Bull Charge

Since January 2014 and as of December 2022, we have donated and/or set aside a total of $91,103/- for these charities and causes. It’s not a ridiculously huge amount and we certainly can’t compare to Warren Buffett and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But as The Fifth Person continues to grow, we’ll have more to give as time goes by, and we positively want to play our part in giving back. We hope you will too!

Kenji, Adam, Victor, and Rusmin
The Fifth Person

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