The Fifth Person believes in spreading a message. A message that sound investment knowledge, financial literacy and intelligent money habits can help millions of people around the world achieve financial security, freedom and lead better lives for themselves, their family and their loved ones.

Our company and the knowledge we share is born of that mission.

So take a tour around our site and read the articles we have to share. There’s a lot of free and very useful content you can use right now to become a better investor. And we hope that the good stuff we have here will lead to smarter, more profitable investment decisions for you and the world at large.

Helping investors make more profitable investment decisions

As investors ourselves, here are some of the winning stock investments we’ve made over the last three years. (Yes, like every other investor, we’ve made our losses too). You can find some our analyses for these investments (both good and bad) on this website and on our online investment services Alpha LabThe Investment QuadrantDividend Machines, and Deep Value Detector.

  • Japan Food – 176% in 3 years
  • Armstrong Industrial – 47% in 2 years
  • Nera Telecommunications – 32% in 1 year
  • Boustead Group – 121% in 4 years
  • BreadTalk – 178% in 2 years
  • Soup Restaurant – 63% in 3 years
  • ARA Asset Management – 47% in 2 years
  • LippoMall – 27% in 2.2 years
  • Super Group – 243% in 2 years
  • Yahoo – 106% in 2 years
  • Tracker Fund of Hong Kong – 25% in 2 years
  • Apple – 78% in 1.5 years
  • Netflix – 210% in 1 year

The people behind The Fifth Person

Victor Chng & Rusmin Ang


Rusmin (left) and Victor are equity investors and co-founders of The Fifth Person. Their investment articles have been published in The Business Times and AsiaOne. They have also been featured multiple times on national media on Channel NewsAsia and 938LIVE for their views and opinions on how to invest successfully in the stock market.

Victor and Rusmin are also the authors of Value Investing in Growth Companies published by Wiley, Inc. The book can be found in all major book stores worldwide and on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Apple’s iBooks.

On a personal note, Victor represented Singapore in the 2008 TAFISA World Games in Busan, South Korea and was the 2008 IFMA World Muay Thai Championship bronze medalist, kicking some serious ass along the way, while Rusmin was actually a former SIAEC scholar who gave up his scholarship and a cushy career to follow his itch of learning how to be a be a better investor and ultimately lead a life of financial independence. He believes that anyone, even with a regular job, can achieve more financial peace-of-mind by investing intelligently and safely for the long term.

Adam Wong

Adam is the editor-in-chief of The Fifth Person. He is also the author of the national bestseller Lucky Bastard! which made the Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller’s List in 2009 and Value Investing Made Easy, which made the Kinokuniya Business Bestseller’s List in 2013. He also appeared on US national television on The Balancing Act in 2010. An avid investor himself, Adam shares his personal thoughts and opinions as he journals his investing journey online.

The fifth perspective

You may think that we named our company The Fifth Person because we started with the five handsome blokes you saw in the photo above.

Well, you’re partly right. But the real reason why we chose that name is because we believe in bringing multiple perspectives to the table. And when it comes to investing, we think that having more than one fair and educated opinion makes us all better investors. 

By allowing our investment ideas and analyses to be challenged and pitted against multiple points of view only means that what comes out of it is simply a winner. And don’t we all want winners for our investments?

It’s just like the age-old story of the blind men and the elephant; you sometimes need to respect multiple different perspectives to finally gain a full and complete picture.


As you can see, we’re big fans of having multiple perspectives, and if you’re the type that likes to geek out on academic writing and research, go Google “fifth person perspective” or read this delightfully complicated paper on fifth person perspectives by Clint Fuhs. (Knock yourself out, you’ll thank me later.)


How we decided on our name based on this super awesome graph from a paper that only really smart people can understand. (An Integral Map of Perspective-Taking by Clint Fuhs)

Alright, enough about us! Go check the stuff we have on the site and enjoy the read! :)