3 Great Companies I Found on Scuttlebutt While I Was in Thailand: Major Cineplex

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This article is Part 2 of the three-part series — 3 Great Companies I Found on Scuttlebutt While I was in Thailand. You can read Part 1 here.

What’s a vacation in Bangkok like if you don’t visit the city’s busiest shopping district and its famous crown jewel, Siam Paragon mall? I was there various times to (window) shop, dine, and watch a movie. While there are a plethora of brands and shops in the mall, I noticed the cinema was run by Major Cineplex Group (SET: MAJOR).

Major Cineplex Group is Thailand’s leading lifestyle entertainment company. Its core businesses include cinemas, bowling alleys, karaoke studios, and ice skating rinks. They’re also in media advertising and film production & distribution. Major also has significant investments in property and key partnerships with foreign cinema operators as it seeks to expand its business. With over 68 cinemas and 479 screens in Thailand, they’re the largest cinema operator in the country. They hold 80% market share this segment in Bangkok alone.

So as I was enjoying my movie-going experience in Siam Paragon, here are…

5 Quick Things I Learned on Scuttlebutt About Major Cineplex:

#1 Major creates an extremely comfortable environment for movie-goers.

Major Cineplex

The moment I entered the cineplex, I was dazzled by their interior decor. Not only did the cinema lobby look plush and comfortable, they also provided soft sofas, snacks and a broad range of leisure activities. All these offer shoppers a fun and enjoyable day out at the mall while waiting to catch their movies.

#2 Major offers a wide range of movie experiences.

Major has many options to enjoy your cinematic experience all under one roof. They have the THB190 Premium seats (the most economically priced) to the THB3,000 Enigma seats. Enigma, a members-only cinema, offers the best (and most expensive) movie experience in Bangkok. I didn’t fancy blowing THB3,000 on a movie, so my pal and I purchased regular tickets, with nachos and drinks, for THB290 each. Even then when I entered the theatre, I noticed that the seats were indeed very comfortable and the state of the art sound system contributed to an excellent movie-going experience.

On a side note, I observed that seats were only 30% filled for a weekend screening of a Hollywood movie one week after being released in Thailand. I wondered if the crowds were flocking to see a Thai blockbuster that weekend (as local movies are popular and do very well in Thailand).

#3 Major leverages on technology to make ticket buying easier.

box office

I noticed that Major had various channel to purchase tickets. They have the typical counter ticketing, automated self-service ticketing machines, and Internet booking as well. I believe that with the multiple tickets channels and hassle-free ways to avoid the queue, this optimizes their sales process and increases overall revenues.

#4 Major is the place for lifestyle entertainment.


I was wrong at first to think Major only provided good movie-going experience. They are more than that. When I reached Major Cineplex at Siam Paragon, there was Blu-O to the left, a bowling alley that was managed by Major as well. At, THB140 (~S$5.60) It was slightly more expensive for a game of bowling there for non-members than in Singapore. The bowling had a good crowd but it wasn’t as bustling as the cinema.

#5 Major capitalises on their high footfall to gain advertising contracts.

Apart from the movie posters which promoted the next Thai or Hollywood blockbuster, there were also advertisements placed by other companies for their products & services. Because of Major’s ability to draw crowds to their cinemas and leisure activities, the company is able to sell advertising space and generate advertising revenue. This segment alone contributes 14% to Major’s overall revenue.

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