Alpha Summit 2019

A close-knit group of over 300 investors gathered over the weekend at Alpha Summit 2019 to gain firsthand insights into where ​the ​best investment opportunities are in the market today, and learn advanced tips and tactics to ​uncover potential ​10-​bagger stocks. The two-day event was held on the 19th and 20th of January at the Stephen Riady Auditorium at NTUC Centre.

Money FM producer and presenter, Ryan Huang.

Ryan Huang from Money FM 89.3 played host to the event which focused on how investors could identify companies with exceptional business models that could potentially scale 10 times in size in 10 years. Is that even possible? The audience would stay to find out.

The Fifth Person co-founder, Rusmin Ang.

The summit was kick-started by co-founder Rusmin Ang who presented his research on companies across different industries that were able to scale quickly and dominate their market. He covered the unique characteristics that their business models possessed that allowed them grow 10 times in size in a relatively short time and how investors could potentially spot these companies before they took off.

The Fifth Person co-founder, Victor Chng.

Next up was co-founder Victor Chng who shared the latest updates on the Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand markets. He also presented his data on the market crashes over the last 20 years for each respective market and what to expect if one of them were to suffer a crash next.

The Fifth Person research analyst, Kenny Quek.

He passed the baton to research analyst Kenny Quek who carried on the presentation with his updates the U.S. market and where the U.S. economy is at right now based on current economic data. He also presented his research on the market crashes the S&P 500 suffered over the last 50 years and his insights on the market data.

Heritage Global Fund manager, Tay Jun Hao.

Tay Jun Hao, fund manager for The Heritage Global Fund, took over after lunch to discuss the ‘death of retail’ and how changing consumer habits were disrupting the industry for traditional retailors. He also shared his opinion of retail REITs and whether they could withstand the tough conditions and the competition brought on by e-commerce players.

Victor Chng presenting the prize to a quiz winner.

Next up, we had an interactive cloud-based quiz for the audience at the Alpha Summit where they had to answer 10 questions based on the information they learned at the event thus far. The top three winners walked away with prizes and gift vouchers. It pays to listen and learn!

Victor Chng then wrapped up Day 1 of Alpha Summit with his case study on a nutraceutical company listed in Thailand. The company has seen its profits grow by over 17% CAGR over the last five years and whether its current valuation was attractive based on the company’s fundamentals.

Ryan welcomed everyone back for Day 2 of Alpha Summit as it resumed with Rusmin taking the stage once again where he shared three optimal ways to organize your stock portfolio. He emphasized the importance of proper portfolio management because just one bad investment could sink your entire portfolio if you’re not careful.

Kenny was next as he discussed the ROIIC ratio and how he applied it to spot ‘compounders’ that are able to grow and reinvest their capital efficiently. Victor then followed up with his research on the gross profitability ratio and how it could be used to identify companies that had the potential to grow fast despite showing understated profit.

The Fifth Person co-founder and chief editor, Adam Wong.

After lunch, the audience took a break from investing and learned more about The Fifth Person’s charitable efforts over the last five years. Co-founder Adam Wong shared that a portion of everyone’s proceeds over the years has been set aside for charity and humanitarian causes — and because of that, everyone in The Fifth Person community has actually played their part in helping the less fortunate over the last five years.

The Fifth Person community making a charitable donation to Village Impact.

Adam then shared that The Fifth Person would be donating US$15,000 to Village Impact to build a school classroom to help underprivileged children and families displaced by civil war and violence in Kenya. He thanked everyone for being a part of the community and that all these kind efforts wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s support.

Rusmin then returned to the stage to present a case study on a laser manufacturing company listed in the U.S. that’s disrupting the industry with its new technology and patents. After a comprehensive analysis of the business model and financials, Rusmin discussed the company’s valuation and why it looks undervalued at this point in time.

iFast Corporation co-founder and CEO, Lim Chung Chun (R).

Alpha Summit 2019 next welcomed a very special guest – iFast Corporation co-founder and CEO Lim Chung Chun. iFast is a leading fintech platform with S$8.5 billion in assets under administration which founded Fundsupermart.com back in 2000. Rusmin Ang, and emcee Ryan Huang, took turns to pose questions to the CEO about iFast’s business model and how it could potentially disrupt the brokerage industry in Singapore. Mr Lim also fielded question from the floor as he candidly shared insights about his business and its growth plans for the future.

Rusmin presenting iFAST CEO Lim Chung Chun with a token of appreciation.

After the 40-minute roundtable discussion with the CEO, Rusmin presented Mr Lim with a token of appreciation for taking time off his busy schedule to grace the event and connect with everyone at the summit.

Rusmin Ang presenting the prize to the second quiz winner.

Day 2 had another interactive quiz for the audience to participate in and win more gift vouchers, and this time the first prize was won by a lady who answered all 10 questions correct the fastest. Congratulations!

The event concluded with a panel where the audience could pose their questions to the speakers about what they learned over the past two days and anything else related to investing. The speakers also gave their final words and main takeaways from the two-day summit.

For more photo highlights, please visit the Alpha Summit Facebook photo album.

On behalf of all our partners – iFast Corporation, The Asia Report and The Heritage Global Fund — and to all 300 of you at the summit and everyone who’s been a part of The Fifth Person over the last five years: Thank you for making Alpha Summit 2019 a success and for making the world a slight better place.

We couldn’t have done it without you. ❤️🌍

The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person is an award-winning investment site that focuses on Asian and U.S. equity research. The Fifth Person won best independent investment website at the SGX Orb Awards organized by Singapore Exchange in 2018 & 2020.


  1. Thank you fifthperson for all the hardwork and effort in organising Alpha Summit. It was a great event full of insights and ideas.

    1. Thank you Kevin for being at the Summit! We’re glad you found it full of great investment insights and ideas 🙂

  2. Great job, 5 fine young men! Can see the passion and dedication in your outreach. May be force be with you always.

  3. TFP, congratulations on turning 5 years old. I enjoyed the Summit very much and was touched by the charity work you have done for the less privileged people in the world with your own pocket’s money. Though we supported TFP but the kindness and charities given are all from you guys. You are great! There is so much more to learn from you beside investment knowledge.

    1. Thank you, William! We’re glad you enjoyed the Summit! It’s not just us — all of you have contributed and played a part over the last five years as well. We couldn’t have done it without you and everyone else 🙂

    1. Hi Maxx,

      Thanks for asking! Alpha Summit was a one-off event for our fifth anniversary, and we have no plans to organise another summit at the moment 🙂

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